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Where do I pick up my tickets?
All tickets are held at the theater under your last name.

How do I choose my seats?
The earlier you arrive, the more options you'll have for your party. Doors open 40 minutes prior to showtime. We only reserve seats for our Season Pass patrons.

We purchased our seats separately, how can we sit together?
Indicate in the "Comments" section at checkout who you're sitting with or email tickets@34west.org.

How do I add seats to an existing order?
Purchase the additional tickets online and indicate in the "Comments" section at checkout who you're sitting with or email tickets@34west.org.

How do I talk to someone?
All inquiries are made exclusively through tickets@34west.org (remember it's .org not .com) The reason we don't have someone answering the phone is because we don't want to charge a pesky service fee per ticket.

Why haven't you replied to my email?
First check your spam folder. Also, make sure you're sending to ".org" not ".com. If you email tickets@34west.org, we'll do our best to reply within 24 hours.

Can I exchange/refund my ticket?
We don’t allow exchanges or refunds. If you let us know at least 24 hours in advance, we can place you on a wait list for another night, but we frequently sell out and may not be able to accommodate your request. You can also receive a tax donation receipt or you can give your tickets to a friend!

It says "SOLD OUT"- are you sure I can't get in?
A few seats are released 24 hours prior to each performance. Email tickets@34west.org to be wait listed. Secret tip: If you arrive at the door a few minutes prior to showtime and are flexible, we can sometimes squeeze in a couple seats!

Is this appropriate for my kids?
Our shows are designed for adults but ages 6 and higher will enjoy it just as well. We give most shows a "PG" rating.

Is there a dress code?
We recommend upscale casual.  We keep the theater cool, so having layers is a good plan.

Do you serve food?
We serve fresh popcorn of several delicious flavors, the house-made pimento cheese is amazing, assorted chocolate candies, assorted nuts, coke floats, and Holy Cow Lemon Sorbet. Our popular "Party Trio" allows your table to sample a little bit of everything!

Do you have non-alcoholic drinks, or can you help with my special dietary restrictions?
Yes! We have specialty sodas, floats, waters, iced tea, sparkling water and mochas. We can also help you stick to your diet, with the exception of nut allergies.

How do I get a Season Pass?
Season Passes are on sale November - February. Sponsorships can be purchased anytime for $50 or more, and you get to choose your seats for 1 year!

How long is the show?
The evening will conclude no later than 1 hour 30 minutes from the start time. 

Restaurant recommendations?
Upscale options are super close... FIG, Hank's, Peninsula Grill and Cru Cafe are either across the street or around the block. Doar Bros. is across the street and is great for small plates and cocktails. We're also big fans of Harold’s Cabin, which is uniquely awesome.

There is a parking garage next to the theater, about 500 feet away on Pinckney. Street parking is metered.

Handicap accessibility?
Yes. Both our restrooms and Meeting Street entrance are accessible. Audiences sit around small bistro tables and cushioned benches, which make it easy for special accommodations. It's helpful to let us know prior to arrival of your needs, tickets@34west.org

Do you hold tickets?

Can I bring a large group?
We don’t recommend it. This is surprisingly a tricky question, with a surprisingly lengthy explanation. All large groups (8 or more) tend to have a least one family member or friend who doesn’t want to be at the show OR who doesn’t attend.  Firstly, we don’t want you to waste money on unused tickets.  More importantly, bad attitudes make for a bad theater experience!  Not just for your group but for the entire room. We only have 60 seats, so our shows are meticulously designed to give every single member of the audience a one-of-a-kind, feel-good experience from the moment you walk into the venue. Be sure everyone in your group wants to be there before purchasing your tickets!

Do you offer a discount?
No. If it helps, we don't charge a service fee so the prices are already as affordable as possible.

What's a SCREENING? Will [insert your favorite actor] really be at your theater?
The screenings are live-recorded stage productions currently playing in London and broadcast around the world to cinemas and theaters, like us. Think of it as movie night, where you get to watch on screen the best theatre productions in the world. Sadly, your favorite actor will not be at 34 West in-person.

Can I bring my dog?
Um... dogs and babies upstage our sensitive actors. But thanks for asking.