We invite you to join artists from all over Charleston and beyond to teach and to learn, to think and to laugh, to practice and to play. We'll explore Creativity and Freedom, Songwriting and Sweet Sounds, Theatre and Education and Vocal Chops.

Creativity and Freedom

Be part of these special sessions designed to reconnect us with our creative selves. Then, go out and apply your creative soul to your work, your recreation, your spirit. Our special guest leaders are hand-picked from folks we love in the food industry, the business realm, visual arts, education and yes, the theatre.

Songwriting and Sweet Sounds

Fiddlers, Banjo Pickers, Big Band, we love it all. Join us for open sessions where we explore the art of songwriting. Whether you’re a seasoned player, budding artist or connoisseur, there’s a place for you. Mix, jam and be part of an exploration of music, led by your favorite local musicians. Drinks available, too. 

Theatre and Education

Guest educators lead sessions on implementing dramatic techniques to increase involvement and learning. Explore Process Drama, Theatre of the Oppressed, Mantle of the Expert with us. These are brilliant tools for educators.

Vocal Chops 

Beginning, intermediate, advanced — group sessions with and for vocal enthusiasts. Looking for a spot to connect, develop and build on your tunes. Join 34 West and work with seasoned artists looking to build up styles and catalogs of music.